BE - portfolio 1 preview
Empowering Girls Around the World
November 26, 2019
BE - portfolio 1 preview
Empowering Girls Around the World
November 26, 2019

Rethinking the Organization

Tidal is a Toronto-based strategy consulting firm that focuses on solving process and culture problems leading to inequality at work.

The company needed a new visual system that supports a transition of their mission: from solving gender-equality problems to fixing all inequalities in the workplace.

We worked closely with their team to develop a new brand identity that reflects their ambitions, and their desire to overturn the status quo.

A solid foundation

One of the goals was to develop a logo that would capture the essence of a tidal wave, at the heart of the new visual identity.
We developed different solutions for Tidal, and narrow our list down to a few concepts, with the idea of strength and movement at the core of each design.

The final mark is inspired by the rise and fall of the tides and the ever-changing streams, and adopts an organic design made of flowing curves to communicate the company name distinctly.
Using the golden ratio, we carefully refine the design to develop a natural-looking composition inspired by the constant movement of the tides.

A brand with character

We created a modern and neon colour palette to reflect Tidal’s creativity and provocative character that defines the brand’s DNA.
These electric colours paired with a modern font system, a combination of serif and sans serif with a distinctive editorial feel, create a bold and energetic identity system that amplified the brand’s new purpose.

Inspiring creativity

The result of our visual identity process is a comprehensive brand style guide that contains all the important visual decisions: logo usage, colour palettes and pairings, complete font system, imagery style and treatments.
We developed a guideline to inspire creative direction and help the team produce consistent on-brand content.

Transforming the organization

The new visual identity is built around the idea of the tidal wave, one that changes the landscape of a coastline in a single swell, reflecting Tidal’s mission of leading the change in an organization through innovative programs and training.
We used photography, abstract organic shapes to bring the brand to life across all touchpoints and every experience along the customer journey.

A new visual language

During the strategy phase, we have discovered a potential challenge for the user in identifying the different products the company is offering.
To reinforce the difference between Tidal’s services and programs, we colour-coded the three products using the triadic colour scheme available in the new brand colour palette (primary colours).
The result is a visual language that captures the movement, the restless energy of a tidal wave and communicate the company’s new ambitions, allowing it to take a confident step forward.

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